mandag, juli 25, 2005

Collecting pictures from Kenya?

Check out the Confluence site...
The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories will then be posted here.
We might be able to help out here (in Kenya):
Kenya projects

btw. Remember to see the updates on nchiyetu. Including all
the new post here.



Anonymous Anonym said...

While you are at it don't just show the dilapidate, poor hungry, hopeless side of Kenya alone like most of the tourist site I havwe visited and the so called"friends of Kenya" do but show also the prosperous, happy, successful part of it. Kenya is not only about wildlife, AIds & Poverty you know? So please be balanced! Will you?

6:00 PM  
Anonymous bretay said...

show also the prosperous, happy, successful part of it.....

Sure it is there.
But take a look at e.g.
Ethnic division, drought, poverty and AIDS account for many of Kenya's problems. With one of the highest rates of population growth in the world, exacerbated by recurring drought, Kenya no longer is able to feed itself and imports large quantities of food.

there is still a lot to be done.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous bretay said...

Today on CNN:

MARADI, Niger (CNN) -- The aid agencies caring for more than a thousand starving children at a refugee camp in southern Niger will believe reports of food airlifts when the help actually arrives.

This town in West Africa is home to one of the largest refugee camps run by the aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres, or Doctors Without Borders.

On Wednesday, the U.N. World Food Program said it would begin a series of airlifts Thursday to deliver emergency rations to feed 80,000 people in Niger. (Full story)

The agency has complained that the international community until recently ignored warnings of a prolonged drought and locust infestation in Niger, leaving more than a million people near starvation.

This week alone, the Maradi camp took in more than 1,100 cases of severely malnourished children. That is the highest it's ever had and it keeps growing.

The camp contains a group of tents divided according to the severity of the refugee's condition.

Aid workers weigh the children when they arrive and put wrist bands on them depending on how much they weigh -- red for critical cases, yellow for borderline and blue if they are well enough to make it through another week or so.

In the intensive care unit, all the beds are filled, with at least 100 children all under the age of 2 with their mothers, waiting for nutrition and getting attention from the doctors and nurses.

Seeing these children screaming and yelling, the feeling is harrowing. They're screaming because they're hungry and ridden with diseases -- everything from cholera to malaria to pneumonia.

Doctors at the camp say the situation will get worse before it gets better, with so many more many people arriving each day. If help does not arrive soon, they say, many more children will die.

This time last year, aid workers say, they had less than half the number of people arriving.

To make it worse, the rainy season has arrived, and diseases are aid workers' biggest concern.

Malaria is already the biggest killer of children under 2 years old in Africa, and it will claim the lives of many children in Niger, because they are out in the bush, exposed to a rampant mosquito population.

The help that is on the way is too little, too late, some aid workers say. Talk of aid coming has been heard before.

Several aid agencies are on the ground in southern Niger, and they say it's already too late for many children, thousands of whom have died, hundreds of thousands of whom are threatened with imminent death.

A plane from Oxfam was said to be due this evening in the capital, Niamey, and the British-based aid group will truck sackloads of nutritional supplements in the coming days. But the 400-mile (660-kilometer) drive to Maradi will take several days.

After two days here, we have seen many people arriving, some of them having trekked hundreds of miles. The mothers arrive with parched and cracked feet, but happy to just to make it to the camp.

The aid workers say these are the lucky ones. In the countryside and in the villages, we are told, there are more deaths, with people too weak to walk and too sick to cry out for help.

Some agencies have ambulatory services enabling them to actually visit some villages, but in a country this large, they cannot cover it all. They need help.

In those same two days in Maradi, just one aid truck has arrived, half-filled with food.

Despite their desperate situation, refugees cheered the shipment, which was quickly unloaded and taken into warehouses. Unarmed guards protected the supplies to prevent ransacking.

People at the Maradi center welcomed the help, saying that they would at least have food for the next few days, possibly the next few weeks, depending on how many more people arrive.

For a journalist who has covered refugee camps across Africa -- from Darfur, Sudan, to Eastern Congo to Liberia -- each time there is the haunting feeling of a desperate child staring up at you with big, brown eyes.

The feeling is one of helplessness, but there is nothing one can do. We're just here to tell the story. But at the end of the day, the experience is heart-wrenching and very draining.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Shiroh said...

Welkam to Kenya , you will surely enjoy your visit there.

11:51 AM  
Blogger akiey said...

I too will say this over & over again until people either get tired of it or clean up their act about their ideas about Africa:

Show ALL sides of Africa & Kenya in particular. Don't relegate your blog/interests/experiences to those heinous standards of the Discovery Channel where all they ever show about Africa is the bush. hunger, starvation, disease etc.
There is a lot of good in Africa. Forget what CNN or any other news channel says about Africa, they have to keep their ratings up & we all know good news doesn't help v ratings.

Question: How come foreigners with an interest in Africa never seem to publicize the less appealing aspects of their home nations?
In the USA There is desperate hunger & homelessness in less advanced(developed?) states like Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, & Mississipi. You only need to watch the late night Tv informercials soliciting cash aid to realize this.
Many more people work dead end jobs & they have lost hope & have had their dreams deferred, millions go without medical cover so going to see a doctor is some pre-historic thing to the...and many of these are working people with families!?

The family structure is basically broken down & some folks are limited to meeting on Thanksgiving & Christmas...reason? Many don;t get along, many work many states away & can't afford the time & money to go see family & close friends etc.

Drug use is getting out of hand & so is crime in some cities such as Detroit, growing numbers of youth are getting into violent gangs & the jails are bursting at the seams...

There is increasing chronic corruption in more high-profile firms & many workers are having their life savings stolen by company executives leaving them desperate & with an uncertain future.

Stress is a slow but surely succesful killer of many & most are nithing but "walking dead" relying on psychics & shrinks to temporarily relieve them of this pain.

These situations are not limited to the US...just like run down, undeveloped regions as well as problems(as you quoted from the CNN) are not limited to Kenya or Africa. So to be fair, heed what the many bloggers are saying/thinking:

Show both sides so when little kids & many unexposed people from your contry & elsewhere see what you're doing they learn that there's more to Kenya & Africa than the western media cares to show them.

That's just my two cents & a bowl of soup.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Irena said...

Akiey: I'm with you on that, I'm a bit too tired of seeing the so called "freinds of Kenya" showcasing Kenya with only the negative side of it and trust me all the poor Kenyans and those living with Aids are aware of it. It always seem as if the person posting the photos is glorifying the poverty in those poor children's eyes and it almost feels like they are saying"look at those poor dirty African children" Yes there is all that poverty, AIDS and drought etc and yes as Mr. Bretay says, there is a lot to be done . By whom I wonder? Maybe if the Western society stopped interfering with our affairs perhaps there would be less poverty. I just watched constant Gardener and wonder how much of that is true ?
As Akiey said the western countries do not have it all together that they try to make us think. 80% of population lives on credit and if that was taken away they would be as poor as the Africans the so called "Friends of Kenya" seem to potray. I have seen rural America and some folks still use the Pit Latrines! and no you will never in your life see that in any magazine ,websites etc. There are roads with potholes too ,yes, they also have dirt roads in rural Missisipi or Tenessee. So please as you try to showcase Kenya please show the successful part of it too and do not say oh that is just 10% of it, so what, it is still ours and we would like the world to see that there are highly non government official Kenyans who live in brick not wooden homes( as it is in America, houses that catch fire in seconds not even spared by hurricane Katrina) , who BMWs or Mercedes, that live luxurious lives.
As Akiey says;That is my two cents too and a bowl of noodle soup!

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Just a quick comment on you guys moaning about tourist who paint a "bad" image on Africa.

It is one way of soliciting funds and seeking aid to help Africa. I know these people are biased because they don't show the good bits. On the other hand, some people have been helped by well wishers who have seen the poverty ,suffering and the pain which some Africans go for.

Although us Africans may be interested in other people, we often don't make much effort to help other people (for example, many fundraising events are often initiated by the outsider). In stead we concentrate on being rich and piling wealth, sometimes unlawfully (politicians!). We voluntarily don't have control over situations, and leave the "mzungu" to explore (in some cases exploit) our resources and people. They can write or show just about everything about our countries. We on the other hand are busy with our families and friends and like to spend the whole day drinking beer when we are not at work. We think watching wildlife and exploring other cultures is a "mzungu thing". We have simply given the "mzungu" power over ourselves, and it is about time we changed our attitudes...

Yes, Kenya is not only about wildlife, Aids and Poverty, but I am sorry to say that these are key items which do attract the international Aid.

12:48 PM  
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