torsdag, januar 20, 2005

The Bloggers

Team members on this blog is Lars, Simon and Erik.
All sign in as KenyaFriend - and end their post with
their own initials ! :-)


onsdag, januar 19, 2005

Setting up the blog

Aarhus January 19th 2005.

The wedding is now 11 months away - and its long overdue that we set up
this blog on the preparations :-)

Basicly we want a place to share our thoughts - and communicate with
each other on this project: Going to Kenya (from Denmark) in December 2005.

It should be possible to Itemize the subjects under relevant headers.
Pictures is slightly more difficult - but for now I think they can be posted
under - and we can the write the links here.

Sofar Simon, Erik and Lars are teammembers in this blog.