tirsdag, december 27, 2005

Pictures from Kenya

As promised -> Here are some pictures from our trip to Kenya. And what a wonderful trip it was :-)
For now this is all - but ok, you never know :-) Enjoy!

Nairobi outskirts.

Nairobi - Narok - and a flat tire.

Nairobi - Narok road.

Kenya sunset - on the Mara.


A giraf.


30 feet crocs.

More girafs.

Lions of the Masai Mara.

Masai women selling girafs.....

Our group entering the Rift Valley.

Masai Village.

Kenya highlands.

Another giraf....

Lake Nakuru...Pink equals Flamingo.

Lake Nakuru.

Rift Valley.

The road to Narok!

Rift Valley.

Eventually you might be able to see more pictures at
Erik or Kenya pic index

If you think you should have a CD with the all the pictures, then please contact me at sil@ccieurope.com :-)

Dec. 28th 2005.

Simon Laub.